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The Mitchell Project

Why do we call it the Mitchell Project? 

When we started the ecru brand, we named our pant styles after rockers and musicians who inspired us and one, the Mitchell Chino (after Joni), was a best seller and a favorite of ecru customers. 

We have been shipping the Mitchell for about seven years and felt it was time to elevate the level of the styles and have christened this effort “The Mitchell Project”.    

The styles in the group………. the Crosby, the Stills, the Nash, the Young, and of course, the Mitchell are named for artists who lived and performed in LA (specifically Laurel Canyon) in the mid-to late 60’s.  We have long loved the music these artists produced, as well as the laid-back imagery, fashion, and mood of those times.  

We were also excited about the fabric we are using for the group. Our exclusive Montauk Stretch, first introduced for the spring of 2021, has been refined in the way that the garments are dyed and washed, and we guarantee that you will LOVE the handfeel.  Super soft, with a worn-in feel but with stretch and recovery.  Because Tencel is so durable, these garments keep getting better with each wash.  The bottoms and jacket we are offering are the perfect mix of versatile styles for your casual needs. 

On top of these features, we have also put effort into adding cool and fun, “Inner Beauty” detailing for all styles.  Take one of the styles, turn it inside out and have a look.  We have contrast fabrics for pockets, screen printed labels showing the season and style name, contrast stitch detail, other clever labels mixed in, including a cool quote by Oscar Wilde.  

Why??   Because we think it’s cool and a way to communicate the ecru esthetic.  We want our friends and customers to see the effort and care that go into these items.  We want to help you build a wardrobe of favorites that will last……all part of building a stronger relationship with our clients.   

And we hope you will agree.  Have a look at the Mitchell Project and let us know what you think! 

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