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The Spring 2022 Collection

It’s looking like snow here in NYC but we’re excited to kick off the Spring 2022 season with our new collection. After conducting focus groups with our clients and friends, we attempted to track the ecru shopper’s activities during a typical week.  We learned a great deal about how she spends her days and how she dresses for them.  

The Lake Como Capsule
After keeping close to home for the past couple of years, we certainly have the travel bug. For our first grouping, a Resort Capsule, we looked around the world for inspiration and a destination that would be our first choice for a fabulous vacation.  The Lake Como region of Northern Italy was the unanimous choice! 
Introducing ecru Diaries
We would like to wish you and your families a Happy and Healthy New Year and to invite you to enjoy a new feature launching on our website that we call, The Ecru Diaries. 
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Lake Como Capsule Collection
Spring 2022
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