The Lake Como Capsule

After keeping close to home for the past couple of years, we certainly have the travel bug. For our first grouping, a Resort Capsule, we looked around the world for inspiration and a destination that would be our first choice for a fabulous vacation.  The Lake Como region of Northern Italy was the unanimous choice! 

Often called The Most Beautiful Lake in the World, Lake Como is a deep glacial lake ringed by a spectacular landscape, magnificent villas and hotels, and charming villages.  I’ll never forget our reaction when we rounded the bend and first saw Lake Como.  My wife and I audibly gasped at the same time.  It is difficult to put into words how gorgeous it is.  All of this, plus Italian food… Italy!

Relating to fashion, Como is not far from Milan, the capital of Italian fashion and is famous for the production of high end silk fabrics. 

Our Lake Como collection is the result of our passion for travel and all things Italian and features two beautiful patterns to anchor the grouping…..the Cartolina, inspired by vintage postcards and posters, and the Bird of Paradise with its beautiful motifs and colors. 

Just open up your suitcase and fill it with our items that will take you from the airport lounge, to the hotel verandah for Apertivo, to a day of shopping, an afternoon of touring, and to a romantic dinner…….all in ecru style.  

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